The brand FINETEC

The FINETEC brand

FINETEC Pearlescent Colours

All over the world, numerous artists and creative professionals trust the FINETEC brand. The FINETEC brand stands for highest quality, innovation, creativity and attention to detail. The brand portfolio includes a rich variety of brilliant pearlescent, metallic, neon and transparent watercolour paints "Made in Germany" as well as high-quality graphite pencils. For our FINETEC colour products, we only use selected pigments that are characterised by high light fastness and colour brilliance.

The FINETEC brand sets trends.
The success and international reputation of the FINETEC brand is based not only on our high quality standards but also on our efforts to always be at the forefront of innovative colour development. We are constantly developing our FINETEC colours and adapting them to the changing wishes and needs of our customers.With our know-how, we are at the top with our products when it comes to an inventiveness of innovative colour effects.

The FINETEC brand is striking.
The attention to detail begins with the formulation and does not end with the packaging design. We attach great importance to packaging that looks good! You can always recognise our FINETEC colours by the remarkable black or white outer packaging with the different animal motifs. The angular black colour pans inside the metal box are characteristic for our FINETEC pearlescent, metallic and neon colours. They are not only pretty to look at, they also protect the brush when dissolving the paint.

The FINETEC brand supports sustainability.
The topic of sustainability is very important to us. Therefore, we use solar power for the production of FINETEC colours. The solar modules installed on the roof of our production facility for this purpose generate even more environmentally friendly green electricity than we consume.

The FINETEC brand inspires creative people worldwide.
Products of the FINETEC brand leave nothing to be desired - thanks to a large selection of innovative effects, a huge number of colour tones and a packaging design that meets the highest demands in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. This is why our FINETEC products are so popular with artists and calligraphers. Even those who have only just discovered their creative side enjoy the many ways in which colours can be used. The high quality, colour intensity and brilliance of our FINETEC colours "Made in Germany" inspire people all over the world when painting and creatively working.

High quality | Innovative | Sustainable