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Markenbotschafter Alfred Welz

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A l f r e d   W e l z
Malerei und Grafik
Ignaz-Günther Str. 9
81927  M ü n c h e n
Fon      089 - 91 85 62
Fax      089-99969680
Mobile 0174-3165860
Instagram @alfred.welz @alfred.welz

Alfred Welz

Painting with water soluble colours, a very old art that can be traced back even to prehistoric cave paintings, fascinated me already as a child. The passion for painting and particular with transparent colours is vivid still today. It is this passion that results in my demands on the quality of the products for painting. Whatever the applied technique, glazing, wash, granulating, wet in wet or dabbing, mixed techniques, etc. the quality of the colours is of high importance. A good and wide range of colours with high quality pigments, high luminosity and colour density are the criteria that have to be fulfilled.

With the FINETEC products I have a wide range of watercolours and additional pearlescent and neon colours as gouache at hand. The good shading of the colour tones, the easy mixing and the combination of the artists' colours with each other, i.e. watercolours with pearlescent colours, offer additional forms of expression with special effects. The artist colours of premium quality enable me to turn my ideas in an easy and professional way into art, using a variety of different painting techniques.

My demands on the painting materials are fulfilled excellently. New creative ways are opened for versatile and expressive artworks.