Opaque water-soluble artist colours

Angora Gouache colours

Our gouache colours are highly pigmented and show a high lightfastness. They owe their colour intensity and excellent lightfastness to the use of finest pigments of high quality. They are mainly applied opaque and are suitable for almost all kinds of absorbent surfaces such as paper, cardboard, carton and canvas. After drying, the gouache develops a colour-intensive matt effect. Depending on the amount of water used to dissolve the gouache, it is suitable for glazing painting techniques in addition to its classic use as an opaque paint. If the paint is dissolved with a lot of water, it can be applied almost transparently with a brush. Gouache paints thus combine properties that are similar to transparent watercolour painting as well as painting with acrylic or oil paint.

A classic product is our colour set with 36 tones, which contains a rich variety of lightfast and highly pigmented gouache colours and is very popular with our customers.

Our gouache colours are certified by the ART & CREATIVE MATERIALS INSTITUTE (ACMI) and conform to ASTM D-4236.

high lightfastness | high pigmentation | high opacity | excellent dissolving | considered non-toxic